Transmitted in one second 5,000 movies!?

Uses the optical fiber, and is sent in one second's worth of data of 5 million movie, such as Hokkaido and the NTT team has announced. That the world record for high-capacity fiber-optic communication.

According to the team, the optical fiber that has been developed now, but there is only one path of the light inside, we have developed a fiber with the 12 new path. I reduced the percentage to devise a path arrangement, the optical signal is leaking wasted.

In addition, the combination of the technology to send information using the wave nature of light, data terabit one thousand per second hit a thousand times of 1 terabit per second is the capacity of an optical fiber, which is mainly used currently, I sent about 50 kilometers away.

Successful transmission distance this time, hit the relay distance between cities. Future, which aims to long-distance transmission of about several hundred kilometers.


Data will not disappear even 300 million years!

Hitachi has announced the development of a digital data storage technology that can be semi-permanently. You can save more than 300 million years of comparable data compact disc (CD) to be used, such as quartz glass flask.  Theywant to sell the idea for long-term storage of data that can be stored for no aging, want to leave to future generations, such as cultural heritage and archives of historical importance.

2 cm square quartz glass plate, and stores the data in the laser beam, this technique, using an optical microscope to play on 2 mm thick.

We used a quartz glass material, in order to have the durability to withstand even when heated for 2 hours at 1,000 degrees. Current digital recording techniques, such as semiconductors and optical general, there is a drawback storage duration as short as about 10-100 years, such as temperature and humidity yet weak. How to save at this time using the quartz glass, was developed by Hitachi, 300 million years of storage have enabled at least try.

If it is implemented, then you can leave as it is the fact that the data is now in 300 million years later!!

Rich corn potage Garigarikun

September 6, Akaginyugyo has announced that it will suspend sales of the
"rich corn potage Garigarikun."
Reached a sales volume that far exceeded the forecast,
it was a situation that can not keep product supply.
 It has just been released on September 4 as a product for a limited time.

It popsicles taste of corn potage.
Grain of corn that has been carefully selected corn potage flavor of shaved ice is contained,
it's a stir on the Internet. S
uch as blogs, have been raised such as how to eat or dissolved,
in addition to cooking different foods are introduced.
Ice cream and corn potage is a combination that can not usually there,
but It was delicious and well received.
May be Element of surprise that enhanced consumer confidence I think.

End eco-car subcidy

September 21st,that the budget balance of eco-car subsidy will be approximately 2.5 billion yen, exceeding the total budget has become a certainty. I broke off a 21-minute application of auxiliary object for it. Reactionary decline in new car sales is a concern, there is a possibility that the economy weakened traction.

Subsidy amount the applicant will be terminated when it exceeds budget 274.7 billion), in order to ensure fairness, application of the day funding is exhausted and disable all, it was minutes to complete the application of the previous day.
The eco-car subsidy, stimulate consumer demand replacement of the car. Domestic sales of new cars this year 1-8 month of strong growth of 3.83 million units, up 46% year-on-year, helped the automaker's turnaround was exacerbated by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Companies are turning more and more to a new car in the future. Pushed to the front of the car weight tax and automobile acquisition tax is exempt, and the strength of the place of the eco-car subsidy.

"119" from the SNS

Large-scale disasters tends to be unusable phone line.
To complement the 119 telephone report,
Fire and Disaster Management Agency is poised to be able to report an emergency
such as the Internet social networking service (SNS)Twitter.
Policy issues are summarized in the report,
such as when operating in the current fiscal year,make a trial next year for practical application.

Suppliers of SNS such as NHN Japan, which operates the LINE, mii officials and firefighters, experts of information and communication is expected to participate, to review meeting for the first time, the efforts of disaster contractor SNS after earthquake and introduce. Review meeting will be held three times in the year.However, there are many problems in the emergency caused by the internet. Is a consideration as well, such as the prevention of mischief report was pretending to be someone else.

Practical application is likely to take a long time.
Crowded even when phone lines of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Many people took the time to verify the safety of the family.
It would be very useful in the event of an emergency if realized, however.
Should take advantage of what modern high technology in such scenes.

iPhone 5!!

September 21st, has been sold in Japan iPhone5 from au and softbank.

Minutes of the first shipment was sold out immediately.
At stores in the various region,had been able to be a long line.
Some people lined up several days ago.

So, what is the new?
The screen is wider than 4s, and it is thinner.Character is easy to hit, amenable to hand.
It is said to be the most beautiful design.
The advantage of iPhone5 is as fast as the communication function.Much faster than 4s.
Became new map features,It is Apple's original,but incomplete.There are a lot of "holes"in the map.
Like this,there are some problems,but overall assessment is high, however.

Apple has increased the customers by a new product to launch another.
Each time a new product comes out,those people may be buy the new one. 
I changed my phone to iphone4s few months ago. And now,APPLE sold iphone5...
 I feel development of technology is too fast!!So I can't keep up anymore...
May be a lot of people feel so,but It is one of target marketing.
I looking forword

APEC Meeting Held in Vladivostok

The APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting was held on September 8 and 9 in Vladivostok, Russia. The leaders discussed various issues, including stable food supply and cleaner sources of energy.
The conference will be officially approved list of and 54 that environmental goods items reduced to less than 5% by the end of 2015 the tariff.
Subject to rising grain prices, to discuss measures to strengthen food security and avoiding export controls of agricultural products.

Japan has territorial problems with Russia.The Prime Minister is aiming for full-scale negotiations Northern Territories.
However, the distance between the position of the Russian side are large.
At the summit, match was the interaction between the government strengthening
to explore the possible solutions proposed concrete postponed, both sides will accept.
Signs of problem solving is not quite in sight.

Japan has also other territorial problems.
For example,with China the Senkaku Islands issue, with Korea Takeshima issue.
Because it is a serious problem which should be discussed among the country specific solution soon.